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Moodle 2.8

Nota del traductor: Esta documentación aplica para Moodle 2.8 y más recientes. Si Usted desea ver la documentación para 2.7 y versiones anteriores, vaya a 27/Actualizar perfil

Editar su Perfil

Los administradores pueden actualizar los perfiles de los usuarios mediante Administración > Usuarios > Cuentas > Añadir un nuevo usuario o mediante Ojear lista de usuarios y los usuarios individuales pueden actualizar sus perfiles al elegir el enlace para Editar perfil desde Administración > Configuraciones de mi perfil

Los campos están divididos en 6 secciones: General, Preferencias (Nuevo en 2.8), Imagen del usuario, Nombres adicionales y Opcional, que se excplican a continuación:

Acuérdese de elegir 'Actualizar perfil' cuando termine de hacer cambios.


  • This section is expanded by default. First name, Surname and Email address are compulsory fields. Depending on your administrator's settings you may or may not be able to edit these.
  • The other settings - City/Town, Country, Timezone and Description are optional. The administrator might already have entered your city and country when your account was created.
  • The Timezone field is used to convert time-related messages on the system (such as assignment deadlines) from the local timezone (the time in London) to the correct time in whichever zone you have selected.


¡Nueva característica
en Moodle 2.8!

Mostrar Email

Esto controla la visibilidad de su dirección Email para otros usuarios. Las tres configuraciones se explican solas, pero por favor, tome nota de que 'Ocultar mi dirección Email a todos' solamente la oculta a los estudiantes. Los profesores y otros usuarios con derechos de edición siempre verán su dirección Email.

Formato de Email

Existen dos formatos: "Pretty HTML format" (messages will be formatted) and "Plain text format" (plain text with no formatting).

Tipo de resumen de 'Email

This setting determines how you receive any posts from Forums to which you are subscribed, allowing you to receive messages individually or on a daily basis.

Auto-suscribir a Foro

This setting lets you decide if you want email copies of posts that are added to forums. If you set this to subscribe, the system will automatically email you copies of new posts in discussions that you post in, unless you manually override it when posting.

Seguimiento de Foro

Enabling forum tracking means highlighting the posts you have not read yet, which should improve your forum navigation.

Editor de texto

Idioma preferido

Tome nota de que al cambiar aquí su idioma preferido solamente se afecta la interfaz de Moodle y no los contenidos auténticos del curso.

Imagen del usuario

This section is optional and allows you to choose your own profile picture. Your current picture is shown, if you have already chosen one.

Note: If the admin has enabled it in Administration > Site Administration > Users > Permissions > User policies, a gravatar you might have attached to your email account will appear as your profile image if you don't upload a different one.

Nueva imagen

The "Choose a file" button allows you to choose a new picture for your profile. The picture must be in JPG or PNG format (ie the names will usually end in .jpg or .png).

To upload an image, click the "Upload a file" button from the list in the Selector de archivos, and select the image from your hard disk.

NOTE: Make sure that the file is not larger than the maximum size listed, or it will not be uploaded.

Then click "Update Profile" at the bottom - the image file will be cropped to a square and resized down to 100x100 pixels.

When you are taken back to your profile page, the image might not appear to have changed. If this is so, just use the "Reload" button in your browser.

Nombres adicionales

If the administrator has activated this feature then you will be able to set your alternative or additional names here. See Campos de nombre adicionales for more information.


Use Marcas (tags) aquí para msotrar sus intereses en su página del perfil.


There are several optional fields allowing you to add further details to your profile such as contact details and your website.

Categorías de perfil personalizadas

If any custom user profile categories and fields have been created on your Moodle site, they will be listed at the bottom of the Administración > Cuentas > Campos de perfil de usuarios

Actualizar un perfil de usuario

Users with the capability moodle/user:update are able to update another user's profile i.e. in addition to being able to edit the profile, other settings such as password, authentication method and force new password may be changed. The username cannot be changed if it has been set by an authentication plugin, such as LDAP.

Deshabilitar cuenta

Una cuenta puede deshabilitarse al configurar el método de Autenticación a "Sin ingreso". El E-mail de la cuenta no puede usarse para crear otra cuenta.

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