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We're currently working on documenting the new features and improvements in 3.8, ready for its release soon.

Read on for Moodle 3.8 highlights, or watch our [ Youtube playlist of 3.8 New features.]

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.8 release notes.

For all users

  • placeholder.png

    H5P interactive content

    Engage with interactive content in Pages, Labels, Books and more. See H5P

  • MessagingEmoji.png


    Add emjois into Messages or from a button in the Atto editor

  • courseCustomFieldFilter.png

    Course overview

    Filter by custom course fields in the Course overview

  • DocsForumExperimentalNestedView.png

    New forum view

    Select and test a new experimental nested discussion view from the forum preferences page

  • CalendarFilter.png

    Calendar filters

    Filter your calendar by month, day or upcoming event.

  • Timeout.png

    Session timeout

    Stay on target with a Session timeout alert

For teachers

  • placeholder.png

    Forum grading

    Asses forum discussions with Whole forum grading, using direct or advanced grading

  • placeholder.png

    Forum export and summary report

    Export forum discussions and view a detailed summary report of student activity

  • placeholder.png

    Embed H5P content

    Link to or upload existing H5P interactive content

  • placeholder.png

    Analytics bulk actions

    Bulk select and send messages to students from the Insights report

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    Question bank

    View question ID numbers and tags and benefit from a new Edit menu

  • placeholder.png

    Badges and groups

    Filter by group when manually awarding badges

For administrators

  • placeholder.png

    H5P admin settings

    Monitor and configure H5P content with a new Display H5P filter and Manage H5P content page .

  • placeholder.png


    Learning Analytics improvements include two new models and a graphical insights report.

  • placeholder.png

    Course overview

    Configure Course overview layouts and filters and specify default course card colours.

  • placeholder.png

    Emoji support

    Add an emoji icon to the Atto editor (and disable emojis if not supported from Advanced features).

  • placeholder.png

    Course backup

    Choose to exclude course files from backup and benefit from a more logical automated backup ordering process. See Course backup

  • placeholder.png

    Course request in categories

    Set up course request in categories only via a change in the course request capability

  • placeholder.png

    Duplicate user tours

    Easily copy and adapt user tours with a new 'duplicate' button.

  • placeholder.png

    Experimental relative dates

    Enable and test a new Relative dates feature from Experimental settings .