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New feature
in Moodle 3.8!

The Display H5P filter converts URLs into embedded H5P content.

If the filter is disabled, or if users attempt to add H5P content from a different source than specified in the site administration, the URLs will remain as links and not be displayed as embedded H5P content.

Site administration settings

The Display H5P filter must be enabled by an administrator via Site administration > Plugins > Filters.

The list of URLs from which users can embed H5P content is specified in Site administration / Plugins / Filters / Display H5P. By default it is https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/[id] where '[id]' is a placeholder for the H5P content ID in the external source.

Course administration settings

Within a course, the filter may be enabled or disabled from the Filters link from the cog icon top right in the Boost theme or from Course administration > Filters in the Classic theme.