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Read on for Moodle 3.10 highlights, or watch our Youtube playlist of 3.10 New features.

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.10 release notes.

For all users

  • DocsStudentDownloadCCPopup.png

    Download course content

    Download course content (if allowed) at the click of a button.

  • DocsChooseBackPack.png

    Choose your backpack

    Send your badges to your choice of backpack.

  • DocsQuizScrollingTimer.png

    Scrolling timer for your quiz

    Easily see remaining time with a new scrolling quiz timer.

  • Docs Folder310.png

    Folder display

    Folder resource images and HTML files may be viewed directly in the browser without downloading them.

  • For teachers

    • DocsPaymentTeacher.png

      Enrolment on payment

      Offer paid courses with a variety of payment options.

    • Docs QuizCompletion.png

      Quiz completion

      Set quizzes to be marked complete based on one or more attempts. See Activity completion settings.

    • For administrators

      • Docs AdminDownloadContent.png

        Download course content

        This Moodle Users Association project allows admins to make a download course content feature available for teachers to offer in courses.

      • DocsH5pCustomisation.png

        Customise H5P styles

        Customise H5P styles in your theme to match your organisation's branding.

      • DocsPaymentAdmin.png

        Payment gateways

        Set up payment gateways such as PayPal and add multiple accounts.

      • DocsLangCustom.png

        Language customisation

        Import and export custom language strings. See Language customisation.

      • DocsTasksRunning.png

        Better task management

        A new Tasks running screen displays your current ongoing tasks. See Scheduled tasks.

      • LTI310.png

        LTI improvements

        LTI improvements include dynamic registration and multiple content item selection.