Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.11. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: New features.

New features

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Read on for an overview of the key features and improvements in Moodle 3.11, or watch our YouTube playlist of 3.11 New features.

For role-specific information, see New for teachers, New for students and New for administrators.

The list of major features and improvements can be found in the Moodle 3.11 release notes.

Student activity completion (MUA)


Improved learner experience

Activity dates and Activity completion conditions may be shown on the course page.


Dates and completion conditions within activities

Activity dates and Activity completion conditions are shown at the top of the activity page.


Manual completion

Students can mark an activity as complete from within the activity itself.


New display settings

New settings allow teachers to hide or show activity dates and completion conditions on the course page.

Accessibility toolkit


Free starter toolkit

An Accessibility toolkit (from Brickfield Education Labs) identifies course accessibility issues.


Course accessibility review

Course content is analysed so teachers can identify and fix accessibility errors.


Heatmap of errors

A heatmap offers a coloured and contextual view of the areas of concern.


Range of reports and graphs

Errors can be viewed in graphic form, or as a list with a downloadable report.

H5P and content bank


Disable selected H5P content types

Admins can disable selected H5P content types from the admin settings.


Mark content as unlisted

Teachers can hide content in the content bank by marking it as unlisted.


See which content is linked

A new column in the content bank displays the number of times an item is linked.


Alert when deleting linked content

An alert is displayed when linked content is about to be deleted, explaining what will happen

Quiz and question types


View overrides and pass grades

Teachers can view overrides and students can view pass grades directly on the Quiz page.


Preferred question settings retained

Changes from the default settings of a question type are retained for the next time a teacher creates a question.


Essay question word limits

A minimum and maximum word limit can be specified for Essay questions.


Essay plagiarism support

If a plagiarism checker is installed, it now supports the Essay question type.



Better backpack management

Admins can set the order in which backpacks are listed for users.


Open Badges v 2.1 compliant

Moodle 3.11 is Open Badges v 2.1 compliant and a new OAuth 2 Open Badges service enables users to connect to their OB v 2.1 compliant backpack without having to enter their credentials into Moodle.

User profile fields


New Social profile field

A new Social profile field replaces the hard-coded fields in the user profile.


Custom profile fields selectable in Show user identity

Custom profile fields may be selected in User polices > Show user identity so they display in participant lists.

Other features and improvements


Control audio / video playback rates

Students can control the speed at which Audio and Video files will play.


Improved activity completion report

The activity completion report may be filtered by activity and activity order.


Search language packs

The list of languages may be searched when installing new Language packs.


New PDF to PNG converter

For assignment submission annotations, a new converter, Poppler is available instead of Ghostscript.


Section links block

Titles may now be displayed in the Section links block.


Restore/import role permissions

Enable or disable role permission overrides when restoring or importing a course.