Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: New features.

New features

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Moodle 2.9 brings together features and enhancements developed by our core team and community contributors. These include: streamlined navigation, useful improvements to activities such as Lesson and Quiz, along with new admin settings which refine the course management process.

Read on for Moodle 2.9 highlights, or watch the screencasts on the official Moodle HQ YouTube page.

Full details of the release, with technical information, can be found in the Moodle 2.9 release notes.

For all users

  • TestDashboard.png

    My home is now Dashboard

    My home has been renamed to Dashboard, while retaining its full functionality as before. Where courses have assignments, these are only now displayed in the Course overview block when they need attention from the teacher (grading) or the student (submitting/resubmitting). Read more...

  • Grades29.png

    New Grades page

    The user menu now includes a new Grades page which display grades from all courses users are students in, with links to the relevant user reports. Courses users are teaching in are also displayed, with links to the relevant course gradebook. Read more...

  • TestProfile2.png

    New Profile page

    Accessed from the user menu, the new Profile page provides quick links to blog entries, forum post, badges and, depending on the user’s privileges, a variety of reports including a new browser sessions page. The page includes links formerly in the Navigation block. Read more...

  • TestBrowsersessions.png

    Browser sessions page

    A new page displays your current browser sessions allowing you to check if you forgot to log off on a different computer (and log off now) and reassure yourself nobody is using your account. Read more...

  • TestPreferences2.png

    New Preferences page

    AlI your preferences can easily be reviewed and altered from one page, accessed from the user menu. Easily change your choice of editor, update your forum notifications, change your password and more. This page includes settings formerly in the Administration block. Read more...

  • TestMessages.png

    Improved messaging

    A messages button on profile pages enables you to send messages via pop-up box without leaving the page you are on. Read more...

  • TestAttoDrag.png

    Drag and drop into Atto

    It's now possible to drag and drop images directly into the Atto editor, for example when editing a course summary or when posting in a forum. Read more...

  • TestSearch.png

    Search Server files

    Users with permissions to access Server files can now use a search facility, allowing for easy location of files in other courses they have access to. Read more...

Activity enhancements

  • TestLesson.png


    Along with enhancements such as group support, user and group overrides better logging and improved essay grading interface, the lesson activity now boasts a new completion condition “Require time spent”. Read more...

  • TestQuiz2.png


    Quizzes can now have section headings and questions can be shuffled on different pages. It is now possible to require that a particular question be answered before a subsequent one may be accessed, and quizzes along with responses and feedback will now display attractively when printed from the browser. Read more...

  • TesForumGroup.png

    Easily post to all groups in a forum

    If your forum has groups, you only need to post once and your post is copied for each group.

  • TestDatabase.png

    Extra options for Database and Glossary

    Along with displaying user pictures in the database, you can set certain fields as 'required'. When importing glossary entries, embedded images and attached files will also be included.

  • TestActivityResultsBlock.png

    Activity results

    As well as displaying quiz results in competitive league table style, a new Activity results block can show scores from any graded or rated activity in your course. Read more...

  • TestGradetopass.png

    Grade to pass

    If you are using graded activities it is now possible to set a passing grade during the activity set up process instead of having to edit the gradebook directly.

Course management

  • TestDelete.png

    Delete course sections

    A new option in each course section allows you to completely remove the section and its content, regardless of where the section is located on your course page. Read more...

  • TestCohortsync.png

    Faster addition of cohorts and meta linked courses

    You can enrol many cohorts or multiple courses with the cohort sync and course meta link methods much faster now with a new "Add method and create another" button. Users from linked courses can also be synced into a group; a much voted-for feature.

  • TestKeyholder.png


    A new capability enrol/self:holdkey will make it easy for certain members of your organisation - not necessarily teachers- to be the keyholder to self-enrolled courses. Read more...

New options for administrators and developers

  • TemplateLibrary.png

    New template library for renderers

    A new element library will make it easier to create and style the user interface, give Moodle a more consistent look and feel and improve site performance. Read more...

  • TestFileType.png

    Add custom file types

    A new admin tool lists all existing file types and allows you to add new ones specific to programs your organisation might be using. This will make the display of such file types clearer and downloading them less confusing. Read more...

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