Note: This documentation is for Moodle 2.7. For up-to-date documentation see Mobile Moodle FAQ.

Mobile Moodle FAQ

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How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?

There are currently 3 main ways to use Moodle on mobile devices:

  • Users can open Moodle sites in their mobile web browsers.
  • Users can download native apps for their mobile devices.
  • Admins can configure their Moodle site to be Mobile-accessible through server extensions.

Mobile Apps

  • The official Mobile app developed by Juan Leyva with support from Jerome Mouneyrac, Moodle HQ and others.
  • MoodleTouch (aka mTouch) for iOS, created by Ali OzGur
  • mPage for iOS and Android (work in progress), created by Mass Media HK
  • Mbot for Android, created by Code Guild
  • The My Moodle app for iPhone, created by Moodle HQ (no longer being developed)
  • Droodle - an Android client for the Moodle 2.1 platform


  • MoMo (Moodle for Mobiles) - Requires a server extension and a client app; supports most mobile OSes including Symbian.
  • Moodbile - Reference implementation of Moodle Web Services. Under development.
  • iPhone4Moodle - Under development.

Where can I download the official Mobile app?

Please, visit for download links

How do I get the official Mobile app to work for my Moodle site?

Firstly, your Moodle site must be using Moodle 2.4 or later.

Secondly mobile web services must be enabled. See Enable mobile web services for details.

Where can I select a theme for mobile devices?

In Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector.

New in Moodle 2.2 onwards is the MyMobile theme especially designed for mobile devices.

I can't access my Moodle site using the app

Notice that by default Mobile access is disabled in Moodle. The administrator of your Moodle site (which must be version 2.4 or later) must enable mobile access.

Authentication methods like Shibboleth, CAS or LDAP/SSO are supported only using a Moodle add-one (See Moodle Mobile additional features)

You should verify also that Debugging and "Display debug messages" are disabled in your site (go to Administration / Development / Debugging for checking that options)

If your site uses a SSL certificate it must be a trusted certificate. For security reasons the app doesn't work with self-signed certificates. There are some certificates entities that provides certificates not trusted by the Android browser (but trusted in desktop browsers) like GoDaddy and TERENA SSL CA. Here you can find a workaround/solution:

Moodle Mobile app says I need 2.4 or higher

The administrator of your Moodle site (which must be version 2.4 or later) must enable mobile access as follows:

In Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Mobile tick the 'Enable web services for mobile devices' checkbox, then click the button to save changes.

Some Moodle sites uses special authentication methods like Shibboleth, CAS or LDAP/SSO that currently are not supported. See for more information.

I can't view the courses tab as an administrator

Moodle Mobile app is not suited for administrators ad the app displays only the courses you are enrolled in (not the courses you can see by capabilities).Note that the targeted user of the app is mainly a student or teacher.If you want to see the courses as an admin, you must be enrolled in the courses. You can use a non visible role or something similar.

What happened to the Mobile app remote translation feature?

Remote translation is not available any more; this feature was removed because due to core changes in Moodle it never worked as expected.

Language packs comes now with the app bundle. If you want to contribute a translation of the app you can do so on the Moodle translation site. The component name is local_moodlemobileapp. See the forum discussion Moodle Mobile translation to other languages for more details.

I got the "we lost connection, you need to reconnect. Your token is now invalid." on my custom version of Moodle Mobile

Please, verify that you have followed all the steps here:

And also that you have enabled the moodle/webservice:createtoken capability for the Authenticated User Role at System Context

I got the error "Automatically token generation is not available to site administrators"

This can be easily solved, administrators must create a token manually in Moodle (Plugins > Web Services > Manage tokens) for the local_mobile service.

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