Moodle Mobile Roadmap

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Major areas of development

Ordered by priority & availability:

  • Mobile notifications improvements
    • Contextual notifications
    • Additional notifications in Moodle core (like new grades or grades updated)

Functionality gaps for students

    • Blogs
    • Tags
    • Rating
    • Forum (update, delete posts)
    • Glossary entries update
    • File repositories support
    • Global search
    • Support inline images in text editors
  • Blocks support in the app
  • Calendar improvements
    • Events creation
    • “Calendar view” - grid view
  • Synchronisation improvements
    • Store the time activities were done offline (timeoffline)
  • Automatic testing (Behat tests)
  • UI and UX
    • Tablet view side menu
    • Bottom menu adapted for wider resolutions

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