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IMPORTANT: Admins of sites currently using the repository are advised to upgrade as soon as possible and run the tool. See APIv1 migration for details.

The repository enables users to copy files from into Moodle. (Previously a shortcut/alias could be made to a file stored in, however with API v2 this is unfortunately no longer possible.)

Enabling the repository

To use the repository, your Moodle site must use HTTPS. An admin can then enable the repository as follows:

  1. Obtain a client ID and secret from
  2. Go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage Repositories
  3. Activate the repository by selecting 'Enable and visible' in the dropdown menu
  4. Configure each repository by entering the client ID and secret. Make sure you don't include any white space in the text boxes!
  5. Save changes


There is just one capability, View repository, which is allowed for the default authenticated user role.