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An index of documentation pages about contributed code.

Contributed code, or "contrib" for short, is understood to be all code contributed to Moodle which is not included in the standard Moodle distribution. The standard Moodle distribution, sometimes known as "Core" code is the code stored and developed at

Contributed code is usually managed by the developer of the plugin or patch; however, as people change jobs or move on for whatever reason others can volunteer to step in to serve as the primary maintainer of a contribution.

The code is hosted on a the version control system (VCS) of the developers choice. Previously, CVS was used for both core Moodle code and CONTRIB code. Git is now the preferred VCS for both Moodle core and CONTRIB code. There are various Git repositories; however, the most commonly used Git repository is

Developers of CONTRIB code can create their own publicly accessible Git repository of the code (for an example see Plugins typically use the following naming convention: moodle-{type}_{name} so that the book activity module would be named moodle-mod_book. Developers are encouraged to be consistent.

At the moment, all CONTRIB code (and core code) should be indexed in the Modules and plugins database. That said, work is being done to create a new Plugins database that will allow much more flexibility in how CONTRIB code is shared and reviewed. Those interested can follow that work at [ MDLSITE-571].

Anthony Borrow, the CONTRIB Coordinator, is happy to answer any questions related to CONTRIB code and will help direct folks to the appropriate developer. Feel free to contact the CONTRIB Coordinator via Moodle message.

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