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A student is a MoodleSite participant who is enroled in a course. We will use the Moodle default term, but this participant role may be given another name in the course settings such as "Trainee". Major changes in both the course administration block and in role functionality took place in 1.7.

Course enrolment administration

The Assign roles link, in course administration block, allows teachers to manually enrol and/or unenrol students independently of the global enrolment method. This can allow you, the teacher, to manually control your enrolments or to fine tune enrolments linked to external systems (e.g. MIS).

In 1.7, enrollments are part of the role system found in the course administration block. The screens are similar to earlier versions.

Manual enrol

You will see two fields separated by two arrows (left/right). The left field lists enrolled students to your course and the right one contains the names of all potential students (i.e. students that the system already has registered). If the course is a metacourse then the page changes from listing/searching for students, to listing/searching for courses.

To add a student to the course, find their name in the field on the right, highlight it and click on the left-facing arrow, which will transfer the student to the left field (you can also type in the student’s name in the "Search" field if there are too many students to list).

Manual unenrol

To unenrol a student from your course, you should repeat the above procedure but this time transferring the student from the left field to the right one (using the right-facing arrow). The student should move from the "Enrolled students" column to the "Potential students" column.

Automatic student enrolments

If internal enrolments are allowed (i.e. students can self-enrol) you will find a note saying that students themselves can enrol to your course. If you have set an enrolment key then giving them the enrolment key might spare you ever checking this page. Still, you can enrol/unenroll students manually without giving them the enrolment key.

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