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So you'd like to help with translating Moodle?

Great! :-) All translation happens on our Moodle translation site, so you'll need to start by creating an account there.

Perhaps you've found some words or phrases not yet translated into your language? Or you've spotted a mistake? If so, please see the guide to Contributing a translation.

Note: If you'd like to help translate more than just a few strings, please contact the maintainer of your language pack as listed in the Translation credits and ask where you can help.

Wish to take on responsibility for a language pack?

Please see Maintaining a language pack and the AMOS manual for further information about the AMOS translation toolkit.

Is Moodle not yet translated into your language?

Please see Starting a new language pack.

Any questions?

Please check the Translation FAQ and join us in the Using AMOS forum.

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