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Download and install Opera in English with Voice Support



  1. Hello World!: In this example, the browser will just say "Hello world".
  2. Color picker: In this example, the browser will say: "Hello. Voice is installed." Then you can clik on the button "Change colour now" and says in loud voice one of the colours of the box: Red | Pink | Purple | Blue | Green | Maroon | Orange ...
  3. Best browser: In this example, the browser will ask: "What is the name of the best browser?". If you say Opera, it will redirect you to the Opera webpage
    . In other cases, it will say "Try again."
  4. More examples: In this article, you can see several examples of how Voice works. I suggest looking at the one named "I don't understand what you are saying, but I can pretend to" in which you see the potential of the grammars used.
  5. Tutorial: How to add voice interactivity to your site: In this tutorial you will find all the basic information about how to add VoiceXML to your site without having to change too much of the code. The idea is having just one output that can be recognized by both VoiceXML browsers, such as Opera, and other standard browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox and Konqueror are already planning to implement VoiceXML.
  6. Site example: Here you can see a normal site with embedded VoiceXML that works in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera (and more). Of course, the only one which support Voice is Opera, so you will only hear in this last one.
  7. Pizza Order Form

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