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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.


Cancelled due to Opera´s voice control not good enough in open contexts.


Moodle Voice is a project for embedding VoiceXML support into Moodle Core.

Project Status

  • Project stopped.
  • The current voice recognition technology in Opera is not good enough to make the whole Moodle application Voice accesible.

Current Focus

1. Describing the functionality to be made voice enabled within this project.

2. Add an experimental option called "VoiceXML" so only when this variable is checked, VoiceXML code is generated.

3. Create a php lib for VoiceXML to put all functionality of VoiceXML and to be used by the rest of the code.

4. Modify weblib.php and formslib.php intensively to use the VoiceXML lib and output VoiceXML code along with the html code if the VoiceXML variable is set.

5. Create a set of tests for every function and the integration of several functions to assure that the functionality is the expected one.


Student : Mayank Jain

Mentor : David Horat


Please feel free to chip-in with your suggestions.