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The Moodle Mobile 1 Simulator (MMS) is a tool to make easier developing for Moodle Mobile, it includes options for simulate Push notifications, watch and filter the app log, browse the "sandboxed" Chromium file system etc...

Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.
Moodle Mobile 1 obsolete


  • It can emulate different devices/platforms viewport size (iPhone, iPad, Nexus4...)
  • You can switch between different versions of the app and between different Test Sites
  • It support emulation of "Offline" mode
  • It cam simulate injection of Mobile themes (Mobile CSS URL)
  • Rotate device
  • Disable support of the local_mobile plugin for sites using that plugin
  • Live CSS injection and template modifications for quick testing
  • Emulation of Push notifications with configurable payload
  • Support the Phonegap FileSystem and FileTransfer API so you can download/upload and store files in the Chromium filesystem
  • Support additional app options like taking photos (using the webcam) an uploading audio recording


  • Open the index.html in the Chrome/Chromium browser (you don't need to install the simulator in a local server, you can just open the file in the browser doing a File -> Open)
  • In Settings Apps, add a new App pointing to the directory where your HTML code is placed
  • You can also add Apps and Sites in the config.json file (elements added here can be deleted using the GUI, you should delete it directly from the JSON file)
  • Go to Launch, select your App and device (optionally a Site) and "Launch app" Once logged in a site, it will require you to allow use the local file system storage capabilities