Moodle Mobile 1 Developing a plugin tutorial part 2

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Moodle Mobile 1 obsolete


In the second part of this tutorial we are going to add new WebServices inside our custommm local plugin.

The new WebServices will let us to add a new "forums" plugin to or custom MoodleMobile app.

Plugin spec

We want to develop a "forums" plugin that will display all the forums an user it's available to see inside a course. We will be able to read discussions and post (only read, not write)

A screenshot of the desired result:



Add the new WebServices in the local plugin

You cand find here the plugin with the forum WebServices added,

When adding new WebServices to a plugin, don't forget to update the services file and also bump the version number.

Update the plugin in your installation as an usual plugin upgrade process.

Add the new WebServices to your custommm service

In your Moodle installation, you need to go to Admin -> Plugins -> WebServices -> Services, edit the custommm service for adding the new forums WebServices

Set up your MoodleMobile client

Edit the config.json file, and add "forums" in the plugins setting

"plugins" : ["notifications", "upload", "contents", "participants", "addcontact", "addnote", "sendmessage", "groups", "forums"],

Develop the MoodleMobile plugin

The full source code can be found here: