Moodle Mobile Testing with Phonegap Developer app

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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

Phonegap Build service was discontinued October, 1 2020.

The Phonegap Developer app is a tool that allow developing locally and see the changes instantly on your mobile device.

It's not a tool that can be used for developing and testing all the features of the Moodle Mobile app since it doesn't support all the plugins used by the app and also, the FileTransfer plugin are not fully supported.

It doesn't support also connection to different sites using XHR (Ajax) request using POST or HEAD methods.

The app is suitable for testing mainly CSS / Design issues in different devices (iOs, Android and WindowsPhone 8)

If you want to test the Moodle Mobile app in order to polish design issues, please follow this instructions:

  • Install the Phonegap Developer app in your iOs, Android or WindowsPhone 8 device
  • Install node.js
  • In a terminal/console: sudo npm install -g phonegap
  • Terminal/console: cd directory_where_to_create_the_project
  • Terminal/console: phonegap create moodlemobile
  • Terminal/console: cd moodlemobile
  • Delete the contents of the www/ folder
  • Copy the Moodle Mobile app files into the www/ folder
  • In a terminal, cd to the project folder and then: phonegap serve (This will launch a local server, you can stop the server doing a ctrl+c)
  • Open the app in a device, and copy the server Address that the previous command displayed
  • In the Moodle Mobile app Site URL field enter: mmtest (It's a "fake" test site, remember that you can't connect to real sites using the Phonegap Developer app)

Remember that every time you want to use the Phonegap Developer app, you need to open a terminal/console, cd to your phonegap project folder, and run the command:

phonegap serve

If you have problems testing with the app, try to close the app in your Mobile device and stop the Phonegap server (ctrl + c in the terminal)