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Moodle 4.0.2 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 4.0.2 release notes

Release date: Not yet released

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.0.2.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-68867 - Group override does not appear on user calendar
  • MDL-74632 - Cannot link to image in Atto
  • MDL-74752 - Question versioning: regrading does not work for all question types (including multiple choice)
  • MDL-69400 - Moodle Core Forum Due Dates not restoring on backup and restore
  • MDL-67966 - Error writing to database when adding example submission to Workshop
  • MDL-74449 - Error in gradebook with PHP 8.0
  • MDL-74764 - Activity is not in alphabetical order when the name is lowercase
  • MDL-69756 - Nextcloud error when moving/copying access controlled link file over existing file having the same name
  • MDL-72324 - Plugin incompatible check is backwards in upgradelib
  • MDL-74718 - All files from Nextcloud instance are not shown in Moodle
  • MDL-74533 - Activity completion calculating with old passing grade requirement when that completion condition is modified
  • MDL-74906 - Adding multiple LTI activities via content selection is failing silently when global search is enabled
  • MDL-74790 - Description for File resource not displayed if it only contains an image
  • MDL-73898 - Site participants listing page shows the guest user account
  • MDL-72555 - All activities are being created in frontpage when "Main menu" block is added to the frontpage
  • MDL-74597 - Incorrect URLs in the user menu for messages and calendar
  • MDL-74929 - Assignment overrides page gets hidden by the footer
  • MDL-74715 - Report builder UI not always responding
  • MDL-74358 - Error in availability code when importing activity from old course using PHP 8.0
  • MDL-74516 - Create a quiz with passing grade completion causing error
  • MDL-74577 - login_failed_count_since_success isn't counted correctly
  • MDL-74886 - Cast both value and units to int for configduration write_setting
  • MDL-74605 - Videojs lost the feature of adjusting playback rate in 4.0
  • MDL-73225 - Exception when BigBlueButton server does not respond
  • MDL-74505 - Cannot edit questions in question bank if you do not have the 'question/move' capability
  • MDL-74710 - BigBlueButton setting link is broken on manage activities page

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-74742 - Fix colour contrast issues on the course homepage
  • MDL-74812 - Accessibility issues found on assignment with rubrics
  • MDL-74802 - Notification close button does not have meaningful label
  • MDL-74701 - Notification popover elements are focusable even when hidden
  • MDL-74813 - Filepicker drag and drop gif animation lasts for more than 5 secs
  • MDL-74815 - Colour contrast issues on the site homepage
  • MDL-75055 - Notification alert close button is misaligned
  • MDL-72885 - Languages in language selection menu are missing lang attribute
  • MDL-74741 - Accessibility issues regarding the move block modal

For developers

  • MDL-75084 - Add behat generators for blog entries
  • MDL-74613 - Add behat generators for grades grade
  • MDL-74674 - Add behat generator to create notification
  • MDL-74864 - Allow specifying forum discussion group in behat generators
  • MDL-74816 - Allow specifying default file's name in mod_resource generator
  • MDL-74548 - Course copy controllers can be instantiated in an invalid state
  • MDL-69939 - Remove use of 'true' and 'false' strings in db/services.php

Security fixes

  • MSA-22-0015 PostScript Code Injection / Remote code execution risk
  • MSA-22-0016 Arbitrary file read when importing lesson questions
  • MSA-22-0017 Stored XSS and blind SSRF possible via SCORM track details
  • MSA-22-0018 Open redirect risk in mobile auto-login feature
  • MSA-22-0019 LTI module reflected XSS risk - affecting unauthenticated users only
  • MSA-22-0020 Upgrade moodle-mlbackend-python and update its reference in /lib/mlbackend/python/classes/processor.php (upstream)

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