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Release date: 9 September 2013

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.5.2.


  • MDL-30839 - Form validation and error recovery draws the user to where focus is needed.
  • MDL-27953 - Uploaded users can be added with authentication options other than Manual account or No login.
  • MDL-38707 - Folders displayed on course pages show their name.

Functional changes

  • MDL-40854 - Links to course activities/resources do not appear to users without appropriate view capabilities.
  • MDL-35981 - Confirmation is no longer needed after deleting a comment.
  • MDL-38707 - Folders displayed on course pages show their name.
  • MDL-41036 - Question category info is now edited using the HTML editor.

API changes

  • MDL-40176 - Mock form submission introduced for testing.

Security issues

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-37333 - Clicking "Clear theme caches" in Default theme selector redirects page to "Select theme for tablet device".
  • MDL-41106 - MUC session cache fixes were made.
  • MDL-36803 - TinyMCE editor now works better with iOS.
  • MDL-40891 - MUC cache purge works consistently when creating directories.
  • MDL-31487 - Grade items remain hidden if explicitly hidden via Gradebook (regardless of activity state).
  • MDL-29004 - Wiki: printerfriendly view don't show / print images uploaded via html-editor.

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