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Release date: 12 November, 2012

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.3.3.


  • MDL-35297 - Upgrading books from earlier versions now works correctly
  • MDL-21801 - References to the non-functional Powerpoint import option have been removed from the Lesson module
  • MDL-33166 - A capability has been introduced to consistently exempt specific users from forum auto-subscriptions and forced subscriptions
  • MDL-34607 - Folder resources now show files in sorted order
  • MDL-33646 - Viewing an empty book shows a friendly notice rather than an error messsage

Functional changes

  • MDL-34794 - Course reset now works with the new Assignment module
  • MDL-35370 - Blank answers in Cloze type quiz questions are treated accordingly, when an answer of zero is expected
  • MDL-33374 - When adding or updating a user profile, the action button displays 'Create user' and 'Update user' relatively
  • MDL-27786 - The title field of a new calendar event is now labelled "Event title" instead of "Name"
  • MDL-28235 - The close button on help dialogues have changed to provide greater accessibility. (Note: if debugging is turned on, a string error will appear during the upgrade process. This is expected and will be resolved once the upgrade process is complete.)

API changes

  • MDL-30667 - Maximum upload limits are enforced consistently in relation to various system variables
  • MDL-35395 - A method has been added so forms can work around form change checking when necessary
  • MDL-35442 - Local plugins now have settings and uninstall links on the plugins overview page

Security issues

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-35411 - Submissions and feedback are now saved with imported/restored assignments
  • MDL-35397 - Notifications page 'many other contributors' link leads to appropriate credits page
  • MDL-35726 - Feedback forms work correctly when grading a series of assignments
  • MDL-35754 - Quizzes in pop-up windows now work correctly

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