Moodle 1.9.2 release notes

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Release date: 11th July 2008

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 1.9.2.


  • Compatibility fixes for MSSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Improved triggering of core events (though contributed code needs to be updated - see MDL-9983)
  • Email change confirmation and other improvements relating to reducing the risk of spam
  • Forum subscription improvements
  • Setting for deleting not-fully-set-up accounts
  • Quiz report enhancements and bug fixes (see Quiz report enhancements for full list, though most are planned for Moodle 2.0)

Security issues

  • MSA-08-0010: sql injection in HotPot module
  • MSA-08-0012: Potential non-persistent XSS when searching for group members (MSSQL and Oracle only)
  • MSA-08-0014: potential sql injection in events handling code
  • MSA-08-0015: accessible profiles of deleted users
  • MSA-08-0016: Email could be changed in profile without confirmation

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