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Feedback (User Interface Guideline)

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Moodle User Interface Guidelines > Feedback

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This is a guideline for a Moodle Interface Guideline. Comments: developer forum thread


In order to make it possible for the user to use an application meaningfully, the application must respond meaningfully to each user action.


See: GNOME Human Interface Guidelines: Feedback (for Desktop but still a great guide and mostly applicable to Moodle.)

Examples and implementation

Feedback pages

Feedback pages are often used in Moodle to provide feedback to the user about successful filling of a form, such as a submission of configuration page or posting to a forum thread.


TODO: Wizards should use the status display that tells the user about the steps available and the active step, as feedback to the user about their actions.


The Moodle installation wizard gives the user feedback about its progress by outputting new rows to the current page being displayed, allowing the page to load completely only when the process is complete.

Common mistakes

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  • TODO: development of Moodle feedback away from the feedback page towards showing feedback on the resulting content page.

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