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Feedback page

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Moodle User Interface Guidelines > Feedback page

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This is a guideline for a Moodle Interface Guideline. Comments: developer forum thread


You need to give the user Feedback after they have filled a Form.


Forces: factors that affect selection

  • In order to not break the browser's back button, the page that a form is POSTed to needs to redirect to another page
  • A separate feedback page slows users down


Separate feedback pages are often used in Moodle to provide feedback to the user about successful filling of a form, such as a submission of configuration page or posting to a forum thread.

Feedback pages include a link to the following page (determined by the developer), and also redirect the user to that page after a specified time.

Examples and implementation

Feedback-page Moodle2.png

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  • TODO: Make somehow visually distinct the user-made content that the feedback page shows, so that it does not seem like a part of the feedback page itself.

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