Herramientas administrativas

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La siguientes herramientas administrativas pueden ser gestionadas por un administrador en Configuraciones > dministración del sitio > Plugins > Herramientas administrativas > Gestionar herramientas administrativas.

¿ Qué tipo de habilidades técnicas necesito tener para encargarme de la administración de Moodle?

Leer y escribir son habilidades útiles, y probablemente sean las más útiles. Esto es algo así como una pregunta capsiosa; y la respuesta es que, de hecho, depende de lo que Usted quiera hacer, y de cuales habilidades ya tenga..

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¿Tiene habilidades en HTML, CSS y PHP? ¿ Tiene habilidades en BasedeDatos SQL?. Si así fuera, entonces empieza bien; si no las tiene, no debe preocuparse por ello; si las necesita las adquirirá conforme avance; y si ya tiene algunas habilidades para programación, se le hará muchísimo más sencillo el camino. If you have never done any programming before, it is a little more difficult, but once you have the idea, it becomes a lot easier. Unless you intend on developing your Moodle, e.g. build your own home made theme, alter code to reflect your own organization, then you can get away without any of these skills. What you need is a way of developing a quick understanding of how Moodle works. With the introduction of Moodle v2, the learning curve has steepened somewhat, but it is still not that difficult.

Installing and setting up a new Moodle is not as difficult as it used to be. Some servers and service providers do have problems, from time to time, but if you work with your ISP, and the Moodle Community, you will get your Moodle up and running. Once it is going, start looking at it. You won't break anything, unless you start deleting things. Your best bet would be to read the documents. Look at the page you are working on. Somewhere on that page is a link that points to "Moodle Docs for this page". That is your best, most readily available, clues on how to do things. Once familiar with the environment, and how to get around it, how to get information on it, then the major steps have been taken, the rest is a continual refinement of that.


As a newbie Administrator, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different things available, useful plugins and extra blocks and so on, but the majority of those things are third-party made, not Moodle.org in origin. Be aware that, as a general rule of thumb, the further you move away from the standard Moodle, the greater your risks of things going wrong. This does not mean the plugins are badly written, and some are really handy, just sometimes things go wrong. If you are going to use them, be deliberate in your choice, do not use them just because it might be a good idea.

Tal vez lo mejor que pueda hacer sea crear un Moodle en el escritorio de su computadora personal, o laptop, y que lo use para hacer pruebas y experimentos. Debería de ser la misma versión que su sitio de producción, para facilitar las cosas. Intente allí primero las cosas nuevas; si no hubo problemas, entonces puede replicarlo en su sitio de producción.

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