Formato tipo de contenido H5P

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Este plugin adicional importa varios tipos de contenido H5P al Banco de preguntas de Moodle. Cada tipo de contenido H5P soportado es traducido a uno o más tipos de preguntas estándar de Moodle.

Nota: Pendiente de Traducir. ¡Anímese a traducir esta página!.     ( y otras páginas pendientes)

H5P is an open source project that creates reusable interactive content packages that can be incorporated in web sites. H5P content can be added as an activity in default Moodle 3.8 or embedded with a filter. In Moodle 3.9+ it can can be created and edited. There are also additional plugins available to use H5P in older versions. However, using H5P in the quiz activity can be problematic. If it is embedded in a quiz, the results are not able to be included in the quiz score. H5P is also not as secure as quiz questions since as are contained in the H5P on the client rather than the server. Importing H5P content into the question bank allows reuse of H5P materials created for formative learning activities for summative assessment as part of a quiz activity.

On a Moodle site where this plugin is installed, teachers may go to the import tab of the question bank, select _H5P content types_ as the format, upload a supported .h5p file to in the file area, and submit the form. Questions will then be added to the question bank.

If you do not have access to install this. but would like to use it or related prototypes for creating H5P from questions, you can create an account at the developer's site, and import the questions from there into your site.