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note icon.png Existe documentación diferente para varias versiones de Moodle: Esta documentación es para Moodle 3.2. La documentación para versiones más nuevas está en Moodle Mobile guía para administradores y para versiones más antiguas está en 31/Moodle Mobile guía para administradores

Habilite 'mobile services' en su sitio

Your site needs to have mobile access enabled so users can use the mobile app.

For sites using https, mobile access is enabled by default in new installations of Moodle 3.0 onwards.

For http sites, mobile access can be enabled by an administrator as follows:

  1. In Administration > Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile settings tick the 'Enable web services for mobile devices' checkbox

If your site uses a SSL certificate it must be a trusted certificate. For security reasons the app doesn't work with self-signed certificates.

If your site have the /login directory protected (frequently done when using the Shibboleth authentication method), you must enable access to the login/token.php script.

If your sites uses a SSO method (CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP SSO, OAuth...) you must install and configure the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin. For Moodle 3.2 you can configure this without any additional plugins via the Mobile authentication settings.

Personalización del theme de la app

The app can also retrieve your custom styles from your Moodle site. Since the app is a HTML5 app, you can apply safely any CSS, CSS2 and CSS3 style.

Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Mobile and enter in the mobilecssurl field a valid URL pointing to a CSS file containing your custom styles.

The CSS should be placed inside your Moodle installation (in your custom theme or inside a local plugin).

Once the user is logged in the app, remote CSS files for applying your custom styles are regularly retrieved.

Notice that on the first time a user opens the app, he will see the default "orange" style. Your custom styles will be applied once the user has added a site in the app.

For further information, see dev:Moodle Mobile Themes.

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