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What are themes?

  • Themes provide a "skin" to completely change the look and feel of your site (or even an individual course).
  • Moodle sites (with the exception of MoodleCloud sites) come with two Standard themes called Boost and Classic.
  • If you are able to add additional plugins to your site, you can download and install contributed themes from the Themes area of the Plugins directory. More information is available from Installing a new theme.

How do I select a theme?

You can change from one of the two standard themes Boost or Classic, or select a newly installed theme from Site administration > Appearance > Themes.

Where do I find specific settings for my chosen theme?

  • For Boost and Classic, click the cog icon for the relevant theme from Site administration > Appearance > Themes.
  • For other contributed themes you have installed, ....???

I have a question about themes

Participate in the discussions in the Themes forum on and read our Themes FAQ.

How do I manage themes on my site?

See the documentation on Advanced theme settings

I want to develop a new theme

See dev:Themes. Not all information is up to date but feel free to contribute your own improvements!

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