Moodle Workplace release notes

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workplacelogo.png Moodle Workplace™, available through Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers only, helps you deliver effective corporate training and professional development, and share knowledge across your organisation.


See our Moodle Workplace 4.4 new features page in the user documentation for an introduction to Moodle Workplace 4.4 with screenshots.

Major features

Moodle Workplace 4.4 is based on top of Moodle LMS 4.4 and has all the new features of the core version. In addition, it contains all exclusive features from Moodle Workplace:

Learning Catalogue

The Learning Catalogue, also known as ‘Catalogue’, is a new enhancement that empowers employees to embrace self-directed learning. The catalogue offers diverse learning opportunities, providing convenience and personalised upskilling tailored to each employee's needs. With easier access to learning materials, employees are encouraged to take charge of their career and professional development, aiding L&D managers in crafting customised development plans.

  • Revamp of the course browse and search functionality in Moodle Workplace. It transforms the course discovery experience, ensuring convenience and individualised upskilling, and providing easier access to learning materials.
  • Fully configurable. Allows admins to configure which fields should be displayed and in which order. It also allows for the configuration of the filters.
  • Public access. Organisations can offer their courses publicly with the new Learning Catalogue
  • Easy learning browsing. Learners can discover new courses using the search box or by browsing course categories and subcategories.
  • Custom filters. Learners can narrow down results using catalogue filters, available for all built-in and custom course fields.
  • New catalogue search API. Allows connecting more search methods and can potentially be configured to use external search engines.
  • Search methods. The Learning Catalogue offers two built-in search methods:
    • 'Simple search' option operates similarly to Moodle LMS's course search, scanning course names, short names, and summaries.
    • 'Extended search' expands functionality by including additional fields and features with configurable priority settings.

Organisation structure enhancements

  • New 'Manually assigned manager' option available on Custom Pages and Custom Reports audiences, allowing content customization for designated managerial roles within an organisation.
  • Support for Manually assigned manager assignments in user upload feature. Administrators can import manual assignments from external systems using CSV files, seamlessly integrating data into the platform.
  • New option to add jobs in People tab. HR managers can now add new jobs directly using the “+New Job” button from the People tab, allowing job creation and assignment to multiple employees without switching pages.

Report Builder enhancements

  • Added condition and filter by Cohort. Conditions and filters by cohort are added to all relevant report sources, enabling data filtering by user cohorts.
  • New audience. Added a new 'Tenant administrators' custom report audience.
  • Default report visibility for Tenant admins. Allowed the 'View all custom reports' capability for the tenant administrator role to ensure tenant admins can view all custom reports by default.

Program and Certification enhancements

  • Users not allocated to certification rule. The ‘Users not allocated to certification’ condition is now available in the Certification dynamic rules.
  • Filters for all identity fields. Added filters for all identity fields in programs and certification system reports.

Program and Certification enhancements

  • Unified user report. As part of our contribution to Moodle LMS, we have converted Moodle’s 'Browse list of users' page to report builder and removed duplicate user list reports in Moodle Workplace.
  • Improved display of long strings in the launcher. Enhanced the launcher layout to better adapt tools with longer names to fit the UI space.
  • Support multilanguage for appointment notifications. Added support for multilingual notifications in the Appointment booking activity module.
  • Added unique CSS class to Custom Pages to allow specific Custom Pages to be targeted via custom CSS


Fixed multiple accessibility issues in several components in the scope of the WCAG 2.1 AA accreditation:

  • Fixed an accessibility issue that caused a redirection to 'My Courses' when using the tab key to skip to the main content from the program overview page.
  • Removed unnecessary alt text for each course image in the program page, improving the accessibility for screen readers.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue in My Teams block causing that the context popup which appears on focus/hover of the "i" icon could not be dismissed without moving the focus.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue in the "Organisation Structure" filter on "My Teams" page, adding a missing fieldset to provide additional context to the purpose of the input fields.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue in Appointment customised notification by including explanation of the placeholders.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue on the Capacity field validation in the new appointment form where the value was replaced automatically without providing an error message to the user.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with the title not changing when navigating from the program page to a program set page.


Moodle Workplace 4.4.1 is based on top of Moodle LMS 4.4.1 and has all the new features of the core version. In addition, it contains all exclusive features from Moodle Workplace.


  • Various accessibility fixes related to the ongoing effort to achieve WCAG AA accessibility accreditation for Moodle Workplace.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ICS files attached to appointment event booking emails from being imported successfully
  • Fixed an issue where roles with the tool/tenant:manage capability could not access the "Browse list of users" report