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Read on for Moodle Workplace 4.4 highlights. Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle Workplace 4.4 release notes.

Learning Catalogue

The Learning Catalogue, also known as ‘Catalogue’, is a new enhancement that is a complete revamp of the course browse and search functionality in Moodle Workplace. It transforms the course discovery experience, ensuring convenience and individualised upskilling, and providing easier access to learning materials.

Learning catalogue allows admins to configure which fields should be displayed and in which order. It also allows for the configuration of the filters.

Catalogue - Landing Page.png

Landing page

Learning Catalogue's initial page, where learners can use the search box to look for something or select a category in the category selector to browse courses in that category and its subcategories.

Catalogue category and search results page.png

Category and search results

Contains a list of all courses matching the search criteria or in the selected category, with a list layout. Users can narrow down results using the filters on the left side.

Catalogue - Buy a course.png

Course information

Learners can use the existing Course Cover page to review all relevant information for the course, and enrol themselves into the course using any of the available methods

Catalogue - Settings - Enable Catalogue.png

Enabling the Catalogue

If enabled, the Learning Catalogue replaces the standard functionality in Moodle LMS to search and browse course and categories

Catalogue - Settings - Layout configuration.png

Layout configuration

Catalogue allows configuration of the different layouts and the category selector, to optimise it to the site contents and design

Catalogue - Settings - Layout configuration details.png

Field configuration

All relevant fields in the course, including custom fields, can be added to the course cards. The order of the fields in the card is also configurable. Tiles and List views allow different configuration

Catalogue - Settings - Filter configuration.png

Filter configuration

Catalogue allows configuring the the filters available and the order in which they’re displayed

Catalogue - Settings - Fields to search for keywords.png

Search methods

Admins have different search methods all available: Simple and Extended. In extended search, admin can configure which fields are included in the search and sort them by order of priority

Report Builder improvements


Condition and Filter by Cohort

Added conditions and filters by cohort to all relevant report sources, so any data linked to the user can now be filtered by the cohorts to which the users belong


Tenant administrator audience

Added a new "Tenant administrators" custom report audience

Programs and Certifications improvements


Users not allocated to certification component rule

The ‘Users not allocated to certification’ condition is now available in the Certification dynamic rules


Identity field filters

Added filters for Programs and Certification system reports for all identity fields

Other improvements


Unified user report

As part of our contribution to Moodle LMS, we have converted Moodle’s 'Browse list of users' to report builder and removed duplicate user list reports in Moodle Workplace


Improved display of long strings in the launcher

We improved the launcher layout to ensure better adaptation of tools with longer names to fit the UI space better.

multilingual appointment notifications.png

Support multilanguage for appointment notifications

Added support for multilingual notifications in the Appointment booking activity module.