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Come sono calcolati i voti?

Assicurarsi di leggere attentamente Utilizzare il Workshop#Valutazione del Workshop e Criteri di valutazione del Workshop

Come far cambiare fase al workshop in modo automatico?

Nella pagina di amministrazione del Workshop, spuntare la casella Passa alla fase successiva dopo la data di fine consegne nella sezione Disponibilità, dopo aver impostato una data di fine consegne. Il workshop si sposterà automaticamente alla fase di valutazione dopo il prossimo avvio del cron.

Come si fa a rendere la visualizzazione anonima?

If you do not want your students to know whose work they are reviewing and who is reviewing their work, go to Administration > Workshop administration > Permissions and click the X next to student to prevent "view author names" mod/workshop:viewauthornames and "view reviewer names" mod/workshop:viewreviewernames

Si può utilizzare il Workshop per far condurre agli studenti la valutazione tra pari di un’attività offline?

You can, although they will have to submit something, even though that might be a blank document. See this forum post for more information: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=220054#p958145

Come si pubblicano le consegne di un workshop?

When in the Grading evaluation phase, it is possible to publish (ie make visible to all participants) selected submissions you might consider are helpful examples. To do this, as the teacher, choose a particular submission and click its title.Scroll down and below the submission text you will find a form allowing you to mark the submission as published. Save the form. When the workshop is closed, any such published submissions become visible.

Published submissions (click to enlarge)

Come si modifica o elimina un esempio di consegna?

In the list of example submissions, click on the title of the submission you'd like to delete. Below the submission content, there are buttons to edit, delete and assess the example submission.

Uno studente può cancellare la propria consegna?

A student can delete their submission as long as they can still edit it and it has not been assessed.

Possono essere esportate le modifiche di workshop?

  • Students (and teachers) may export submissions and peer assessments, as for example LEAP2A files, to use in a portfolio such as Mahara.
  • See the screencast Workshop portfolio export for a demo.

Come si possono ottenere più livelli valutativi per ogni criterio di rubric?

Each time you save the form, then continue editing it, a new empty level is displayed. If you don't need it, simply leave it empty.

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