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Moodle 3.5 focuses on GDPR compliance and enhanced usability and accessiblity.

Read on for Moodle 3.5 highlights, or watch our Youtube playlist of 3.5 New features.

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.5 release notes.

For all users

  • StudentProfile.png

    Privacy and policies area in Profile

    Access site policies and make data requests from links in your Profile.

  • DashboardOverview.jpg

    Course images on the dashboard

    Images or coloured patterns brighten up course descriptions on the dashboard Course overview.

  • Bootstrap4.jpg

    Clearer icons, accessible fonts

    The use of Bootstrap 4 stable means enhanced appearance for users and better theming options for developers.

  • recordrtc.png

    Directly record sound and video

    Buttons in the Atto editor allow you to record directly into Moodle

  • ChoiceDisplay.jpg

    Choice results display

    Know in advance how the Choice results will display

  • 35MobileApp1.png

    Moodle from your Mobile!

    A new improved Moodle app.

For teachers

  • BulkEditSelfEnrolled.jpg

    More efficient user management

    Search, filter and bulk edit or delete self enrolled learners from the Participants and Enrolments screen.

  • AwardedBadgesBadges.jpg

    Award badges based on other badges

    Amongst new badges criteria is the ability to award badges based on previously earned badges.

  • QuestionTags.jpg

    Filter questions by tag

    This Moodle Users Association funded project means tags may be added and filtered directly in the Question bank and when adding random questions.

  • EssayUpload.png

    Quiz Essay questions

    Specify accepted file types for the Quiz Essay question type and upload files when grading them

For administrators

  • GDPRSection.png

    GDPR features

    New Privacy and policies links help meet GDPR requirements.

  • SimpleSearch.jpg

    Simple Global Search

    A new, simple Global search feature is available without the need to install an external engine.

  • LTIAdvantage.png

    LTI Advantage 1.1 support

    External tool settings now include support for LTI Membership and AGS services..

  • ProfilePictureBadge.jpg

    More badge criteria

    Award badges for user picture upload, cohort membership and previously awarded badges.

  • CohortThemes.jpg

    Cohort themes

    Specify a theme for a cohort for easy differentiation.

  • 35NewCapabilities.png

    New capabilities

    There are eleven new capabilities, including several relating to data, privacy and policies.