Mobile App - Push-Mitteilungen

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Hinweis: Sie sind auf den Seiten der Moodle 2.8 Dokumentation. Die Dokumentation der aktuellsten Moodle-Version finden Sie hier: Mobile App - Push-Mitteilungen.

Die Mobile App unterstützt Push-Mitteilungen für iOS, iPhone und iPad (ab 1.4) und für Android (ab 1.4.3).


1. Installieren Sie dieses Plugin in 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6* (oder aktivieren Sie es in 2.7)

2. Connect it to a mesaging server, you can use ours in case your Moodle site is registered. Go to Site administration /Plugins /Message outputs /Mobile Notifications and click in Request access key

3. Users need to connect at least once with the latest version of the app to register their phones with your site.

4) Users can configure notificiations in the Moodle messaging preferences (Administration / My profile settings / Messaging)

Installation einer eigene Infrastruktur für Mitteilungen

If you have a customized version of the Mobile app, or you want to use your own Notifications infrastructure then you have to install a private AirNotifier (backend server for notifciations)

You have to add your app certificates there, see

The message AirNotifier plugin allow you to point to your custom AirNotifier instance using your own access keys

Remember to install using GIT (branch moodle)

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