Managing badges

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.5. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Managing badges.

Badges may be managed at the course or site level. (Note that teachers in a course cannot by default access site badges unless they have been given a system role with badge managing capabilities) For information on adding course or site badges, see Using badges. Individual users can manage their badges from their profile.

Managing course badges

  • If course badges have been enabled in Administration>Site administration>Badges>Badges settings, then a teacher will see a link Administration>Course administration>Badges>Managing badges. This will show a list of badges created and available for allocation, along with actions which may be performed on them:


    • Badge status: Badges may be made available or not by enabling or disabling with the "eye" icon or enable/disable button
    • Criteria : This shows how the badge is awarded
    • Recipients: This shows the number of users awarded the badge
    • Actions: The following actions are available

Badge actions.png

Note: Availability of enable and disable access actions depends on the current status of a badge (e.g. if a badge is available to users, "disable access" icon will be shown).

Before a badge has been issued to at least one user, all its details and settings can be edited by clicking the "Edit badge" action icon.

Clicking on the name of a badge takes you to the screen where you can manage details of that particular badge. The following tabs are available:


This screen provides an overview of the badge details:

Edit details

If you wish to change the details of a badge once you have set it up, you must first click to "disable access". Once you have edited the details, you must then click to "enable access" again.


Here you can see the criteria set when adding the badge


This setting allows you to edit the message which goes to a badge earner. Among additional options here are "Attach badge to message" which allows adding an image file to an email and "Notify badge creator" selector which allows to set frequency of notifications sent to badge creator when this badge is issued to users.


This tab displays a list of users who have already earned the badge

Course badge overview
Disabling access in order to edit details
Adding a message
Badge recipients

Managing site badges

  • Badges should be enabled by default in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features and can be managed from Administration>Site administration>Badges>Manage badges. (For information on adding site badges see Using badges
  • All existing badges are displayed in a table showing current badge image, name, status, criteria, how many users have already earned this badge and a set of available actions.
  • Other settings are the same as for course badges.Badges that have manual award among their criteria can be issued by one user to another. Users who issue a badge must have "moodle/badges:awardbadge" capability. Site administrators can choose their role when issuing a badge.
The Manage badges screen for site admins
Site administrators choose a role to award a badge

Individual user badge management

  • Users may manage their site and external badges by clicking on Navigation>My profile>My badges From here, they can view, search for and download badges.
Example of a My badges screen
  • This then displays "badges" in the Administration block.


Here users can decide whether to automatically display all badges earned. (Badges can be individually displayed or hidden from Navigation>My profile>My badges)

Backpack settings

Backpack connection

If the email address a user has for Moodle is the same as their Open Badges email address, then they will be automatically connected here and may choose to disconnnect if they wish. If the email address a user has for Moodle is not the same, then they can add the email address which will connect them to their backpack. They can then choose to "push" to their backpack badges which they have earned on Moodle.The badge must then be added to a public collection for it to be visble on their Moodle profile.

Badge import settings

Here, a user is prompted to choose which public collections to import and display.