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Techproject module

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The Technical Project Manager Module (Overview)

This Activity Module is a collaborative constructivist workplace for elaborating in a pedagogic context a project-driven learning activity using the standard IEEE specified "successive refinement". It provides tree-shaped friendly editors (5 actually) allowing writing and constructing the several descriptions that are produced and will document all steps of a project activity. Although its description model is mainly oriented towards "software development" project types, its information structure could be exploited each time a "Requirements" -> "Deliverable" process is consistant.

techproject project paradigm.gif

The Techproject module is suitable for iterative project cycles, where a work is performed step by step, defining scheduled milestones :

techproject project cyclic paradigm.gif

Some concepts

Screens of the Technical Project Manager

Several screens will allow manipulating the distinct descriptions that will be produced while a technical project is being processed. the whole information set might be collected and layout for outputing e.g. a "printable" document, using any appropriate XSL transform.

Screens for editing Entity Units


Views are screens that allow several displaying and sorting strategies, for project monitoring.

Teacher's tools

Other information

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