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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: mod/techproject/view/concepts/grouping.


Basic Grouping Rules

The techproject module fully implements Moodle basic group model:

  • When used in "No Group" mode: The module provides a single workspace for teachers and students from the course. A single set of description entities is shared by all users within the course.
  • When used in "Visible Groups" mode: The techproject module provides an independant workspace for each declared group within the course. An additional workspace, called "default project space", can be used by teachers and all students that are not assigned to a group. Students from other groups can see all project contents, but will only edit their own workspace elements.
  • When used in "Separate Groups" mode: The techproject behaves just as in "Separate Groups" mode, excepting grouped students will only access to the workspaces of a group they are member of.

Guest Access Influence Of Group Mode

Grouping have influence on how a guest account should access to workspaces.

  • If "Guest Can Use" option is off

Guest will not allowed at all to penetrate workspaces. Guests will be redirected to course view.

  • If "Guest Can Use" option is on
    • In "No Group" mode : Guests can view the single workspace.
    • In "Visible Groups" mode : Guests can browse all the workspaces.
    • In "Separate Groups" mode : Guests can only view the default workspace.