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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: mod/techproject/view/configuration.


Instance Configuration and Settings

The module has some configuration options that changes its overall behaviour. Configuration options are required when adding a new techproject instance to a course, or when using the "Change Project Settings" button.

  • Project start date: The beggining of the time line. No Milestone can be set nor task can start before this date.
  • Project end date: The end of the time line. No milestone can deadline nor task can end later this date.
  • Assessment start date: Controls from when the local gradebook will be displayed within the project summary screen.
  • Time unit: Defines the time line unit. Can be set in days, half-days, ou hours.
  • Guest permissions:
    • Guest allowed to see: Guests can access (see Groups and projects entry)
    • Let guests to use (demo): A special permission, only for module demonstration. Should never be used on production site.
    • Default workspace access: Allows guest to access default workspace.
  • Allow deleting assigned elements: If enabled, users can delete assigned entries deleting relevant associations. If disabled, user must previously unbind associations prior to deleting elements.
  • Editing permissions for students:
    • Students can edit requirements:
    • Students can edit specifications:
    • Students can edit tasks:
    • Students can edit milestones:
    • Students can edit deliverables:

These five capabilities are now available through Moodle capabilities.

  • Use criteria for assessment: When enabled, teachers will have access to the criteria management subpanel.
  • Autograde:
    • Enable autograde: When enabled, the module calculates automatically a grade for the project, using four major computed indicators.
    • Autograde weight: The teacher can weight the autograde regarding to other grades.
  • Grade: Selects a scale for assessments, or a numeric scale
  • Enable notifications: When enabled, the techproject module sends emails when an event or action is performed that is relvant for some users.
  • Enable the CVS pilot: When enabled, activated the CVS driver panel.
  • Group mode: Selects group strategy for that instance (see Groups and projects entry)
  • Visible: As other activities, hides or shows the activity entry to students.