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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Derek Chirnside.

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Moodle is yet to realy get a few basics- in my view anyway. What follows is a list, just to help keep things clear in my own mind.


Admin: e-mail admin when manual account created by someone

If you create an account, then you have to send a second message to tell the user of the account information. Needed: e-mail sent to user on manual account creation with their account details. There is debate over the best way to communicate this information.

  1. Tracker:
  2. Discussion with code:
  3. Docs:

Also: :Messaging: Allow for personalization of message by using ##field## similar to database or [[filtertext]]" WORK AROUNDS:

Admin: Bulk course create/delete with CSV

  1. Tracker item with code:
  2. Contrib code (deleting):

Bulk delete, add, indent of items

Tracker item with code:

Teacher: Notification of first time visits/enrolment in a course

Two separate issues:

  1. Notification of first tme visits to a course
  2. Notification of when a student self enrols in a course.

If we had (1), (2) would betaken care of.

Admin: Notification of new self registrations

  1. Forum Post:
  2. Forum Post:


Teach: E-mail to course members

Override forum setting. "Send this post out to everyone regardless of Forum Setting"

  1. Tracker item:
  2. Form Posts:

Teach: Provide a quick 1<>1 forum/dialogue in core Moodle

Tracker: Convenience/usability: provide a simple way to provide teachers a 1<>1 conference, journal, conversation, dialogue forum with students. Similar idea: Autocreate a group for each student in the course and the group name set to the first and last name

Groups: Self enrolment

Rationale: for a student centred/constructivist LMS to have no self signup for groups is a bit of a pity.

  1. Tracker:
  2. Tracker:
  3. Forum posts:

Blogs: blogs visible at course level only

Blogs have only three levels of visibility: private, inside Moodle, World. There is no way to make them visible to course only.

  1. Tracker:
  2. Forum:
  3. OU Blogs:


Groups: CSV creation of cohorts

Tracker: Add ability to upload to a cohort via Upload users

Reports in Moodle 2+

Ideally there needs to be some more reporting in Moodle 2.

  3. Plugin:


Admin: Cloning items

  1. (Old: 2005)
  2. (2007)

Groups: Site wide groups

Now called cohorts


Just some thoughts, largley unfinished at the moment - "We aim for a transparent and open development process that invites the whole user community to contribute. We welcome PHP programmers of course, but you can also contribute through discussions, testing, feedback and documentation" - from

  1. The process: (This is the latest version, there are others)
  2. Slightly orphaned talk Page:
  3. Discussion on the process:

The process is still bedding down at the moment, and various developers have their perspectives: the phrases "I hope", "I'd like" and "Maybe" appear regularly in substantive discussions. I'm not convinced that it is working well at the moment. I'm sure it can be improved.

To be continued.