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June 2013. May be to late for 2.6, but there are a few nice little items I'd love to see some progress on.

Admin: spam deletion

It is difficult to delete spam emails. There are a whole lot of ways this could be sorted.

  1. User filter: Allow filtering by those who are not enrolled as a particular role in any course other than the front page (i.e. site).

Admin: email user when manual account created for someone

Also, similar process when admin manually creates new account for user.

  1. Email sent to user on manual account creation
  2. Discussion with code:
  3. Docs:

Admin: email admin/admin report when user self registers

Teacher: email teacher/teacher report when user self enrols in course

BONUS: email teacher when user first posts in a course forum

Printing in Moodle Book


Mass delete in a folder

Better file management for bigger files

Delete/Recycle Bin


Drag and drop editor


Clean URL's


Bulk course create

  1. Include bulk course create and remove with Moodle through the use of CSV files

Admin: metacourse matters

  1. Alphabetical list in chooser:
  2. Other metacourse matters:

Deleting backups