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Manual enrolment

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The manual enrolments plugin allows users to be enrolled manually via a link in the course administration settings. The plugin has to be enabled by the site administrator (see Enrolment plugins) and should normally be enabled as certain other enrolment plugins, such as self enrolment, require it.

Course settings

Checking you have manual enrolment in your course

  • In a course, go to Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods
  • Make sure Manual enrolments has its "eye" opened:


Editing the manual enrolment method

Managers (and any other users with the capability enrol/manual:config) can edit the manual enrolment method in the course and set the default enrolment period and default role in Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods.


Admin settings

  • Default settings for manual enrolment in courses may be specified in Settings>Site administration>plugins>enrolments>Manual enrolments. These are:
    • Add instance to new courses- if this is enabled, then whenever a new course is created, manual enrolments will automatically be enabled
    • Enable manual enrolments - this makes this plugin available throughout Moodle and it is advisable to do this.
    • Default enrolment period - this sets the default length of enrolment (in seconds) and may be altered by a teacher in a course.
    • Default role - this sets the default role, which is normally student but may be altered by a teacher in a course.

Manual enrolment capabilities

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