Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Cohort sync.

Cohort sync

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Cohorts, or site-wide groups, enable all members of a cohort to be enrolled in a course in one action, either manually or synchronised automatically.

Site settings

In order to actually enrol users from a Cohort into courses the Cohort-Sync Enrollment plugin needs to be added to the enrollment methods for the course. The Administrator will first need to enable the Cohort-Sync enrolment plugin site wide (Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments) and then add it to the required Course: (Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment Methods).


Enrolling a cohort in a course

Visiting the Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolled Users page will show users enrolled via the Cohort-Sync plugin. On the "Enrolled users" page, when you press "Enrol cohort", a javascript window pops up. Then, for each cohort, you can choose between 'Enrol cohort' and 'Enrol users'.

  • 'Enrol users' is a series of individual enrolments
  • 'Enrol cohort' (preferable) maintains permanent syncing of enrolled users against the cohort definition

At this stage the Cohort-Sync instance for the course is edited and the appropriate Cohort selected. The role to which the Cohort users are assigned is also selected at this point (typically Student).

Note that, by default, a teacher cannot add this plugin to their course. It needs to be configured by an Administrator or a user with the Manager role. Also note, that the user should be a Manager on a site level, not on the category or course level, otherwise the user will not see the option. If you want the user with the Manager role on the category level to see this enrol option, then you must add some cohorts on the category level, not on the site level.

The required capabilities for setting up a cohort sync are:

  • moodle/course:enrolconfig in the course context
  • moodle/cohort:config in the course context
  • moodle/cohort:view in the same context as category

The required capabilities for manually enrolling cohort members are:

  • the same as cohort sync (note: this is a bug MDL-28431)
  • enrol/manual:enrol in course context
  • moodle/course:enrolreview in course context

Enrolling a cohort in a category

See Category enrolments where it is recommended that Cohort sync be used in preference to category enrolments.

See also

  • Cohorts for information on how to create a cohort
  • Tracker issue MDL-30944 - fix bugs and improve enrol_cohort (fixed in Moodle 2.3)