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Add a Spell Checker to your HTML Editor

Spell checking in the Moodle HTML editor is performed by the aspell package (version 0.50 or later). You can find the aspell website here.

You need to install aspell for your server's operating system and then let Moodle know where aspell is installed.

Install Aspell

Below is information on how to go about installing aspell on your server operating system:

Mac OS

Here is a link to information about installing aspell on a Mac:

Windows OS

Here is a link to information about installing aspell on Windows:

Ubuntu Linux OS

On your server type

sudo apt-get install aspell

Let Moodle know where Aspell is installed

Enter the correct path to access the aspell binary in Administration > Server > System paths.

Creating Custom Dictionaries

If you want to add words to your aspell dictionary you can follow the steps below for your operating system:

Mac OS

Windows OS

Ubuntu Linux OS

These instructions are based on the English dictionary for Aspell. If you are using a different language, then substitute en for the language code you are using, in the commands below.

Create a file called custom.txt in your home directory

touch ~/custom.txt

Add the words that you'd like to add to the dictionary, where each word is on a separate line, then run the following command:

sudo aspell --lang=en create master /usr/lib/aspell/custom.rws < ~/custom.txt

This will create a file called custom.rws in the /usr/lib/aspell/ directory that will contain the aspell encoded word(s) for the dictionary. You can name the file anything you want as long as the extension is .rws.

To finish adding it to the dictionary change into the dictionary directory by running the following:

cd /usr/lib/aspell/

then edit the following file:

sudo nano en.multi

and add the following line:

add custom.rws

Then the new words should be available to you in Aspell.

If you want to add words to this list in future, edit the ~/custom.txt file and run this command again:

sudo aspell --lang=en create master /usr/lib/aspell/custom.rws < ~/custom.txt

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