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System paths

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An administrator can set the following system paths in Settings > Site administration > Server > System Paths.

GD version

GD is a graphics library that manipulates graphics. It's used to create thumbnail images from uploaded files and other graphics on the fly. If you don't know what version is installed, leave this on the original setting.

Note: When setting the system paths on Windows systems, use of the 8.3 notation for the path and filename is preferred. So instead of entering c:\program files\path to aspell\aspell.exe, enter c:\progra~1\path~1\aspell.exe. Check the exact 8.3 path using the dir /x command at the prompt.

Path to aspell

To use spell-checking within the HTML editor, you MUST have aspell 0.50 or later installed on your server, and you must specify the correct path to access the aspell binary. On Unix/Linux systems use the which program to determine the path:

[root@moodle ~]# which aspell

In this example the path to enter is /usr/bin/aspell.

On a Windows system, download and install GNU aspell together with at least one dictionary and then use the search facility in Explorer to find the aspell.exe file. The path should look like:

c:\program files\aspell\bin\aspell.exe

It can be best to install aspell in c:\aspell or use the 8.3 notation if you are installing in c:\program files so that the path looks like


Path to dot

Path to dot is for enabling image generation in profiling. The generated graphs are really useful to see what each request does. To have profiling visible (and working), the xhprof extension must be installed in PHP.

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