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Installations 5000 plus

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This page has descriptions and links by country to Moodle sites with between 5,000 and 10,000 users.


  • KSGWL, Wetteren, Oost-Vlaanderen, 5,000+ 100 courses over 10 moodle installations. Moodle runs on a single server, dual 240 2gig RAM. We do our own hosting at school. Currently we have 2400 active users.

Croatia (Hrvatska)

  • Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb - Omega sustav ucenja na daljinu is used as our faculty-wide e-learning system. Currently running 1.9.8 stable with more than 6500 users and 700+ courses. LDAP authorization.


  • Lahti University of Applied Sciences or Lahden ammattikorkeakoulu is located at Lahti, Finland. We have about 5,400 students, and a Moodle installation called Reppu (Finnish word for "backpack").
  • The Lappia educational federation including Kemi-Tornio University of Applied sciences and a number of secondary schools has three Moodle installations totalling more than 5000 active students.


  • AMIE India is a website for AMIE students currently (as of July 2007) having 239 courses, 7571 users.


  • e-Learning for agriculture and fisheries We started using Moodle in 2007. As of August 2011, we have over 9000 registered users in a single instance of Moodle 1.9+ over WAMP. We offer certificate courses as well as free digital resources in various agriculture and fisheries topics. All our online courses are in SCORM scheduled in rolling mode. The site is maintained by the Agricultural Training Institute of the country's Department of Agriculture.


South Africa

  • The training department at Liberty Life has been running the Wealth Learning University, an instance of Moodle 1.9, on the Windows platform (IIS, Windows Server & MSSQL) since 2008. As of October 2009 the number of users is in the region of 7500 and approximately 50 product and industry related courses.

United States

  • Luther College, Decorah, IA, USA 6,000+ 300 courses this term (FALL-2005) Using Moodle on single-server for 1-1/2 years. We just discovered we only had 512 MB RAM installed, never even suspected because performance never suffered.
  • Penn Manor School District, Lancaster PA, USA Approximately 5000 staff and student accounts across 400+ courses. Moodle has been in use since Spring 2003 and is utilized as a virtual classroom platform for students/teachers in kindergarten through grade 12. LAMP platform on a single Intel server.
  • GAP Technologies, Online Course Evaluations, Buffalo NY, USA - Integrate with a Moodle to provide a seamless portal for completing course evaluations.