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Imagedit question type, Allow the teacher to present an image from the course's file storage and display it for editing by the students using an online image editing service - . grading should be given manually.

Students that take a quiz and are presented with an Imagedit question, are asked to click on the image to edit it.


  1. The image is sent to the remote (flash client) editor with a unique user key (Moodle user's authentication key)
  2. When the remote editing session is done, the image is sent back to Moodle and saved inside the course's file storage under a special "user" folder with a unique "quiz + question-attempt + user-key" name and linked as an answer to the specific question in the specific quiz attempt.
  3. The teacher can review this modified image and part of the quiz attempt and grade it manually.

Since questions are saved inside the course's files storage, all answers are backed up with the course.


  1. Upload an image to the Course's "Files" storage (Unless you have one, already)
  2. Add a new question type Imagedit (Image Edit)
  3. Fill in all the common fields (Title, Intro...)
  4. Choose an Image (from the Course's "Files" storage)
  5. Optional, Choose whether you'd like to give the student an option to write some extra text (similar to an Essay question), which will be added to the modified image.


Here is a video that shows the question in action: Demo Video / Tutorial

If you have any question, please use the Discussion

Source Code & Packages

Updated packages can always be found at TAR.GZ Package Updated code at Source Code

Imagedit question type is based on the "File Response" question type by Adriane Boyd (thank you Adriane!)