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Viewing a forum

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You (the teacher) can set the format of what the student sees under the introduction by selecting forum type in Forum settings.


A single simple discussion

Students will see the text you have placed in the Forum introduction setting as the first post of the discussion. Below you will find the replies that have been posted. In the example below, the student sees that their reply was rated.

Student view of "A single simple discussion" forum type

Each person posts one discussion

The view will be basically the same as in the previous case, the only difference being the 'Add a new discussion' option. Viewing a forum page, the student will see the text you have written at the 'Forum introduction' space while creating the forum, and, if there are any, the discussions that have been started.

Student view of "Each person posts one discussion" forum type

Standard forum for general use

In this forum type, students will see the introduction text in a separate space above the discussion field, in which you will see the information such as the title of the discussion (which means the forum's title), its author, the number of replies and the date of the last post.

Student view of "Standard forum for general use" forum type

Question and Answer forum

Student view of "Question and Answer" forum type

In the upper right corner of the home forum screen (above the introduction), the student may see the options the teacher has set for subscriptions to the forum, and the 'Jump to' field, with which you can 'jump' to any part of the course. This is also place where the teacher will find the "Update this forum" button.