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Moodle research

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This page describes why Moodle is used for educational research and what research activities take place in the Moodle community.

How Moodle Supports Research

There are a number of reasons Moodle is chosen as a platform for educational research.

  • Aligned with academic ethos
    The open source nature of Moodle, as a software project and community, fits well with the transparency needed in academic research.
  • Extensible for research
    Because Moodle can be customised, it can be used for experiments and data gathering, which would not be as easily conducted in other systems. A plugin created for research on one instance can be shared and used on another system easily.
  • Common framework
    Because Moodle is freely available and more featured than other Learning Management Systems, it is often chosen as a framework for collaborative research across institutions/organisations. Research conducted on one instance of Moodle, with or without customisations, can be easily replicated on another instance.

Discussing Moodle research

Moodle research publications

The Moodle Research Library exists as a repository for published research related to Moodle. The repository contains research outputs relevant to the Moodle project and the works of Moodle's community of users.

  • Journal articles
  • Conference proceedings papers
  • Papers written to complement MoodleMoot presentations
  • Theses
  • Other works of research

Research activities related Moodle

Moodle community members come together to share research activities in a person in a number of ways.

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