Developer meeting July 2015

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Time 07:00 UTC on Tuesday, 21 July 2015 Add to my calendar
Meeting room Live stream at YouTube
Forum discussion Thread in GDF at
Chat Regular dev chat
Twitter #moodledev
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Meeting notes devpad


  • Moodle Mobile 2 - Juan Leyva
  • Summary report of the recent MoodleMoot Working groups and hackfests (Dublin, Melbourne) - David Mudrák, Andrew Nicols, Michael de Raadt
  • Moodle Association and how it is supposed to affect the Moodle development in the future - Martin Dougiamas
  • Moodle HQ's personal projects week products - HQ devs
    • Improved East Asian support (ruby tags in Atto and in fullname()) - Jetha Chan
    • mod_lesson improved lesson creation tool - Adrian Greeve
    • Events Graphic Reports plugin - Simey Lameze
  • Work in progress on Learning plans and outcomes project for Moodle 3.0 - Damyon (to be confirmed)
  • ...

Please feel encouraged to raise topics you would like to present / discuss during the meeting. Contact David Mudrák for details.