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Web services API Changes

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{{Template:WillNotMigrate} Moodle 2.5

Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

Please, check the upgrade.txt files in the different Moodle subsystem and plugins for API changes.

This page lists all API changes that happened in Moodle web service API. When this page has been created, Moodle 2.5 work was already started for a while. So take in consideration that this listing will be exhaustive starting from 2.6. This list focus on existing functions (modified/deprecated). For the list of newly added function, see the Web services Roadmap.

2.4 to 2.5

  • MDL-36541 - get_groupings can now return groups related to the grouping.

Added optional parameter:

'returngroups' => new external_value(PARAM_BOOL, 'return associated groups', VALUE_DEFAULT, 0)

Added optional return value:

'groups' => new external_multiple_structure(
  new external_single_structure(
      'id' => new external_value(PARAM_INT, 'group record id'),
      'courseid' => new external_value(PARAM_INT, 'id of course'),
      'name' => new external_value(PARAM_TEXT, 'multilang compatible name, course unique'),
      'description' => new external_value(PARAM_RAW, 'group description text'),
      'descriptionformat' => new external_format_value('description'),
      'enrolmentkey' => new external_value(PARAM_RAW, 'group enrol secret phrase')
  • MDL-30070 - Get, create, delete, block, unblock, search contacts.

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