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Moodle 2.0

Color meaning
Must be implemented

Web service protocols

Name Moodle Ver. Description Issue
AMF 2.0 Adobe protocol to communicate with Flash/Flex apps
REST (returning XML) 2.0 XML data accessed through a REST API (not restful)
REST (returning JSON) 2.2 JSON data accessed through a REST API (not restful) MDL-29242
REST (returning JSONP) 2.X Would be very useful for client-side JavaScript MDL-29913
JSON 2.X JSON server receives a JSON encoded params and return JSON encoded values. MDL-21341
SOAP 2.0 Very important for interoperating with Java and .Net applications. There was a partial implementation JAVA/.Net in Moodle 2.0, but it does not work for anything but the most trivial functions. It is fully working with PHP clients. MDL-20804, MDL-28988, MDL-28989
XMLRPC 2.0 XML remote-procedure call.

Web service functions

Naming convention

We updated (regularised) the naming convention in Moodle 2.2. See MDL-29106 for those details.

All functions should be named as follows:

  • wsfunction = fullcomponent_methodname
  • fullcomponent = frankenstyle (eg core_xxxx or mod_xxx etc)
  • methodname = verb_noun(s)
  • verb = get|create|delete|update
  • noun = moodle objects, usually plural (eg posts, discussions, users, courses etc)

Core web service functions

Area Moodle 2.2 name Moodle 2.0/2.1 name Introduced in Description Issue
user core_user_create_users() moodle_user_create_users() 2.0 Create users - admin function
user core_user_delete_users() moodle_user_delete_users() 2.0 Delete users - admin function
user core_user_update_users() moodle_user_update_users() 2.0 Update users
user core_user_get_users_by_id() moodle_user_get_users_by_id() 2.0 Get users by id
user core_user_get_course_user_profiles() moodle_user_get_course_participants_by_id() 2.1 Get course user profiles by id
cohort core_cohort_create_cohorts() 2.4 Create cohorts MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_update_cohorts() 2.4 Update cohorts MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_delete_cohorts() 2.4 Delete cohorts MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_get_cohorts() 2.4 Get cohorts MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_add_cohort_members() 2.4 Add members to cohort MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_delete_cohort_members() 2.4 Delete members from cohort MDL-29472
cohort core_cohort_get_cohort_members() 2.4 Get cohort members MDL-29472
course core_course_get_courses() moodle_course_get_courses() 2.0 Return course details
course core_course_create_courses() moodle_course_create_courses() 2.0 Create new courses
group core_group_create_groups() moodle_group_create_groups() 2.0 Creates new groups
group core_group_get_groups() moodle_group_get_groups() 2.0 Returns group details.
group core_group_get_course_groups() moodle_group_get_course_groups() 2.0 Returns all groups in specified course
group core_group_delete_groups() moodle_group_delete_groups() 2.0 Deletes all specified groups
group core_group_get_group_members() moodle_group_get_groupmembers() 2.0 Returns group members
group core_group_add_group_members() moodle_group_add_groupmembers() 2.0 Adds group members
group core_group_delete_group_members() moodle_group_delete_groupmembers() 2.0 Deletes group members
role core_role_assign_roles() moodle_role_assign() 2.0 Manual role assignments
role core_role_unassign_roles() moodle_role_unassign() 2.0 Manual role unassignments
enrol NONE moodle_enrol_get_enrolled_users() 2.0 get some minimal information about the users enrolled in a course (DEPRECATED)
enrol core_enrol_get_enrolled_users() moodle_user_get_users_by_courseid() 2.1 Get enrolled users by course id
enrol core_enrol_get_users_courses() moodle_enrol_get_users_courses() 2.0 get list of course ids that a user is enrolled in (if you are allowed to see that)
enrol/manual enrol_manual_enrol_users() moodle_enrol_manual_enrol_users() 2.0 Manual enrol users
webservice core_webservice_get_site_info() moodle_webservice_get_siteinfo() 2.1 Return some site info / user info / list web service functions
message core_message_send_instant_messages() moodle_message_send_instantmessages() 2.1 Send instant messages
notes core_notes_create_notes() moodle_notes_create_notes() 2.1 Create notes
notes core_notes_delete_notes() 2.5 Delete Notes MDL-30072
notes core_notes_get_notes() 2.5 Retrieve Notes MDL-30072
notes core_notes_update_notes() 2.5 Update Notes MDL-30072
files core_files_get_files() moodle_file_get_files() 2.0 browse moodle files
files core_files_upload() moodle_file_upload() 2.0 upload a file to moodle (DEPRECATED)
course core_course_get_contents() 2.2 get course content (modules + web service file urls) MDL-28646
course core_course_delete_courses() 2.3 delete courses MDL-13130
course core_course_duplicate_course() 2.3 duplicate a course MDL-32233
course core_course_get_categories() 2.3 get categories MDL-32941
course core_course_update_categories() 2.3 update categories MDL-32941
course core_course_create_categories() 2.3 create categories MDL-32941
course core_course_delete_categories() 2.3 delete categories MDL-32941
group core_group_create_groupings() 2.3 create groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_update_groupings() 2.3 update groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_get_groupings() 2.3 get groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_delete_groupings() 2.3 delete groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_assign_grouping() 2.3 assign groups from groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_unassign_grouping() 2.3 unassign groups from groupings MDL-32662
group core_group_get_course_groupings() 2.3 get all groupings in specified course MDL-32662
user core_user_get_users_by_field() 2.5 Retrieve users information for a specified unique field - If you want to do a user search, use core_user_get_users() MDL-35543
enrol core_enrol_get_enrolled_users_with_capability() 2.4 For each course and capability specified, return a list of the users that are enrolled in the course and have that capability MDL-31859
course core_course_import_course() 2.4 Import course data from a course into another course. Does not include any user data. MDL-32919
message core_message_create_contacts() 2.5 Add contacts to the contact list MDL-30070
message core_message_delete_contacts() 2.5 Remove contacts from the contact list MDL-30070
message core_message_block_contacts() 2.5 Block contacts MDL-30070
message core_message_unblock_contacts() 2.5 Unblock contacts MDL-30070
message core_message_get_contacts() 2.5 Retrieve the contact list MDL-30070
message core_message_search_contacts() 2.5 Search for contacts MDL-30070
external core_get_string() 2.4 Return a translated string - similar to core get_string() call MDL-35997
external core_get_component_strings() 2.4 Return all raw strings (with {$a->xxx}) for a specific component - similar to core get_component_strings() call MDL-35997
external core_get_strings() 2.4 Return some translated strings - like several core get_string() calls MDL-35997
calendar core_calendar_delete_calendar_events() 2.5 Delete calendar events MDL-37077
calendar core_calendar_get_calendar_events() 2.5 Get calendar events MDL-37100
calendar core_calendar_create_calendar_events() 2.5 Create calendar events MDL-37101
mod_assign mod_assign_get_grades() 2.4 Returns grades from the assignment MDL-31873
mod_assign mod_assign_get_assignments() 2.4 Returns the courses and assignments for the users capability MDL-31873
mod_assign mod_assign_get_submissions 2.5 Returns the submissions for assignments MDL-31682
mod_assign mod_assign_get_user_flags 2.6 Returns the user_flags for assignments MDL-40548
mod_assign mod_assign_set_user_flags 2.6 Sets the specified user_flags for an assignment MDL-41738
mod_assign mod_assign_get_user_mappings 2.6 Returns the user_mappings for assignments MDL-40548
mod_assign mod_assign_revert_submissions_to_draft 2.6 Reverts the list of submissions to draft status MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_lock_submissions 2.6 Prevent students from making changes to a list of submissions MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_unlock_submissions 2.6 Allow students to make changes to a list of submissions MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_save_submission 2.6 Update the current students submission MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_submit_for_grading 2.6 Submit the current students assignment for grading MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_save_grade 2.6 Save a grade update for a single student. MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_save_grades 2.7 Save grade updates for one or more students. MDL-42425
mod_assign mod_assign_save_user_extensions 2.6 Save a list of assignment extensions MDL-37148
mod_assign mod_assign_reveal_identities 2.6 Reveal the identities for a blind marking assignment MDL-37148
mod_forum mod_forum_get_forums_by_courses 2.5 Returns a list of forum instances in a provided set of courses, if no courses are provided then all the forum instances the user has access to will be returned. MDL-37247
mod_forum mod_forum_get_forum_discussions 2.5 Returns a list of forum discussions in a provided set of forums. (DEPRECATED use mod_forum_get_forum_discussions_paginated instead) MDL-30102
course core_course_update_courses() 2.5 Update courses. MDL-30062
user core_user_get_users() 2.5 Search users. - If you want to get multiple users for one specific field, use core_user_get_users_by_field(), it's designed for this purpose and it should be faster. MDL-29938
grade core_grade_get_definitions() 2.5 Returns grading definitions for the course module ids and areaname provided as parameters. An optionall activeonly parameter can be provided so that only the active grading method is returned. Will be deprecated and replaced by core_grading_get_definitions in 2.6 MDL-31681
grading core_grading_get_definitions() 2.6 Returns grading definitions for the course module ids and areaname provided as parameters. An optionall activeonly parameter can be provided so that only the active grading method is returned. MDL-31890
grading core_grading_get_gradingform_instances() 2.6 Returns the instances and fillings for the requested definition id. An optional since parameter allows the number of records returned to be reduced so that only those with a timemodified value >= since are returned MDL-31890
grading core_grading_save_definitions() 2.8 Accepts an array of areas as a parameter. The areas contain grading definitions with criteria for inserting and updating MDL-31861
comment core_comment_get_comments() 2.9 Return all the comments for an specific component, context. MDL-49203
completion core_completion_get_activities_completion_status() 2.9 Return the activities completion status for a user in a course. MDL-49314
completion core_completion_get_course_completion_status() 2.9 Returns course completion status. MDL-49313
completion core_completion_update_activity_completion_status_manually() 2.9 Update completion status for the current user in an activity, only for activities with manual tracking. MDL-49444
course core_course_view_course() 2.9 Log that the course was viewed MDL-49453
group core_group_get_course_user_groups() 2.9 Returns all groups in specified course for the specified user. MDL-48730
message core_message_get_messages() 2.8 Retrieve a list of messages sent and received by a user (conversations, notifications or both) MDL-45374
message core_message_mark_message_read() 2.9 Mark a single message as read, trigger message_viewed event. MDL-49501
notes core_notes_view_notes() 2.9 Simulates the web interface view of notes/index.php: trigger events. MDL-49504
rating core_rating_get_item_ratings() 2.9 Retrieve all the ratings for an item. MDL-49347
user core_user_add_user_device() 2.6 Store mobile user devices information for PUSH Notifications. MDL-41914
user core_user_remove_user_device() 2.9 Remove a user device from the Moodle database. MDL-48716
user core_user_view_user_list() 2.9 Simulates the web-interface view of user/index.php (triggering events). MDL-49498
user core_user_view_user_profile() 2.9 Simulates the web-interface view of user/view.php and user/profile.php (triggering events). MDL-49499
grade_report gradereport_user_get_grades_table() 2.9 Get the user/s report grades table for a course MDL-49036
grade_report gradereport_user_view_grade_report() 2.9 Trigger the grade_report_viewed event when a user view his grade report (this web service will be initially used by the mobile app so information can be logged in the Moodle side when a user see the same page in the app). MDL-49500
mod_data mod_data_get_databases_by_courses() 2.9 Returns a list of database instances in a provided set of courses, if no courses are provided then all the database instances the user has access to will be returned. MDL-49337
mod_forum mod_forum_get_forum_discussion_posts() 2.7 Returns a list of forum posts for a discussion. MDL-30106
mod_forum mod_forum_get_forum_discussions_paginated() 2.8 Returns a list of forum discussions optionally sorted and paginated. MDL-46458
mod_forum mod_forum_view_forum() 2.9 Trigger the course_module_viewed event when a user view a forum (this web service will be initially used by the mobile app so information can be logged in the Moodle side when a user see the same page in the app). MDL-49502
mod_forum mod_forum_view_forum_discussion() 2.9 Trigger the discussion_viewed event when a user view a forum discussion (this web service will be initially used by the mobile app so information can be logged in the Moodle side when a user see the same page in the app). MDL-49503
message core_message_get_blocked_users() 2.9 Retrieve a list of users blocked MDL-48719
course core_course_delete_modules() 2.5 Deletes all specified module instances MDL-30098
notes core_notes_get_course_notes() 2.5 Returns all notes in specified course (or site) for the specified user. MDL-49330

This is the list of the integrated core functions. To see the roadmap, see to the tracker issue in the section bellow.

API Roadmap

Tracker issue: MDL-29934

See also