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Lead: Sychev Oleg Aleksandrovich

Senior Lecturer of POAS (Software Engineering) department

Core patches

  1. Improvment of editing interface for category list. Moving category anywhere should require only one page reload. Developers: Sychev Oleg, Shkarupa Alex. Status: waiting reviewing!
  2. Javascript-interface for repeat_elements function - adding new blanks to the form shoudn't require page reloads.
  3. Forum thread subscription - a long standing request to be able to subscript only to the thread, not whole forum.
  4. Editing course modules without reloading - adding/editing activities(resources) in AJAX mode without page reloads.
  5. Exporting/importing several question categories at once - changing the interface of exporting question categories.
  6. Capturing and sending to the server selection user piece of text on the web page - TODO.
  7. Save category description in Moodle XML import/export - TODO.

Activity modules

  1. New assignment-replacement module with support for individual tasks (with custom fields), several grading criterions, automatic graders etc.
  2. Subcourse module improvments - improve Subcourse module to get rid of buggy Metacourses and make it actually useful.
  3. A proposition how to link question engine with lesson module - adding only two simple functions to the question definition we could create ideal connection with the lesson module, and not only it.

Question types

  1. Preg question type - regular expression question type, developed on more solid algorithmic basis than regex one.
  2. Auto-feedback shortanswer question "CorrectWriting" project and user documentation for shortanswer question which could be able to detect typos and misplaced, missing or extra words and give appropriate feedback.

Question behaviours

  1. Hinting behaviours - behaviours that would help standartise hinting from each qtype.


  1. Linked activities to allow editing properties of multiple activities at once.
  2. Formal languages block which allows to scan (tokenize) and (future) parse text in several languages (currently english, C, C++).
  3. Auto role assignment block is useful to temporary restrict (or enhance) user abilities while doing something.
  4. Supervised block is much better than IP filter+time control if you want students to be able to do something only under teacher supervision. Supports out of the box restricting quizzes for supervized sessions only, but very powerful when combined with previous one (auto role assignment), allowing any permission changes.


  1. Auto-backup library - adding very small information to install.xml files it is possible to automate many tedious tasks of programming backup/restore for the plugins.
  2. Submissions Library - make assignsubmission plugins usable by any activity module.

Grading Methods

  1. Meta AGM - grading method which allows usage of multiple AGM's with one activity at once.